Against the Darkness introduction

Title: Against the Darkness

Category: Film/ Drama

Position: Director/ Screen Writer/Film Editior

Year: 2009








Festival of Beijing Film Academy (The 9th International Film & Video)


Beijing, China Outstanding Chinese Student Film


International Kaohsiung Film Festival


Taiwan Best Drama


Original concept of “Against the darkness” came from real social news that happened many years ago.


“A man took his dead mother to the hospital for organ donation by wheelchair.

We have transformed this event into our story.

A mother tried everything to cure her daughter’s eyes for keeping her continued learning of painting.

When she found her landlord died by heart disease, she tried to use his cornea without any legal organ donation permission.

Finally, she found herself with the madness of the absurd. All of sudden, who is crazy or who is normal?


poster card and DVD Design

Against the darkness on eslite背光上架了!

DVD sale at the biggest chain book store(eslite) and Internet book store.

Me-Studio T-shirt for works. In order to recognize this shooting team.


Donated the income of DVD to Taiwan Foundation for the Blind.

National News in Taiwan.

There were over three national news have report on us in Taiwan.

full version of Film.

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