Concept of iMoviee

(filmmakers exchange network )

social net work/2009-2011


Director of this project




Student funding award, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC Taiwan

Start-up funding award, U-start college students’ graduation plans

Ministry of Education, Taiwan

This website is design for Film and Filmmaker to exchange their ideas

Website closed at 2011, January.

This website is design for Films and Filmmakers to exchange their ideas.

Website closed at 2011, January.

This business Model has three different steps. Each steps have their own way to works.


Name Card
name card


Developing Idea

01-filmmakers影片人02-filmmakers影片人03-films影片作品04-films影片作品05-news新聞專區06-need a job尋找工作07-會員專區


First Version of


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