Cube Life

The Open Image

Elevator Pitch/One Liner
People get together because of lonely. People feel lonely because of together.
Cube Life is a projection mapping project combine with dance theater. We use chinese traditional Taoism Taiji as our concept, and use circle as our key image. Try to show the process of life.

2012/12/01 UpDate

Second Test Video

The Scene 03

Cube life_scene03
Cube life_scene03
Cube life_scene03


The Test video of the show.

Life Cube talk about the life from be born to the end of the life. We use different kind of image to convey the different stage of life. All the scenes divide to 5 stage: Born, Discover, Conflict, Depress, Go back.  Like a short run project of life.


We got inspire by the Chinese tradition Taoism Taiji use egg as an image of life. After the all the pain we go through, and we got the wish of going back. If life can do over again, what will you want?


In the winter show, we want to ask audience as a guest dancer. Join our project to experience the gravity of life and the reflection of their own mind. Also, people can understand how the dance theater work through this process.

In the technology way, we want to

Unity 3D/ Openframwork/ Arduino/ Processing/

Sensor: Wireless Accelerometer/ Press Sensor/

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 上午12.03.07
Open image about the birth.

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 上午12.02.39

Follow the movement of the dancer.

Scene 05

The speed of image will depends on the speed how dancer move.

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