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Face Us

Face Us is a face projection performance about people’s prejudice of race. The idea of “same but different” is what we try to convey in the project. Our team members have simliar appearance, Asian faces, but we actually grow up in different areas, from China, Singapore, New York to Taiwan. People think we belongs to the same race group, but each of us represents different ethnic and has different personality. In this work, we put two Asian women in front of the camera and use live projection to project one’s face on the other, creating the illusion of face-off . You can see even they speak the same language, which is Mandarin, in front of the camera but they are different somehow. 

Made by Azure Qian/ China , Wen Lei Ng/ Singapore, Wyna Liu/ New York, Yu-Ting Feng/ Taiwan

Work flow
Face Us workflow

We capture the image from 5D and project it live on another people’s face.



Here is the stage setup
Face Us set up

Face Us

The stage setup.

Face Us


Detail on the face.


This is how we work out out and do the rehearse.

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